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          Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen Ming Shengxing Paper Packing Co., Ltd

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          Welcome to Shenzhen Ming Sheng Xing packaging paper products Co. ltd.. Division I is a company specializing in the design to print all kinds of promotional pictures, handbags, product brochures, product packaging boxes, craft gift boxes and other business paper packaging enterprises. The company has Roland four-color four open printing machine, Heidelberg four color printing press and more than a series...

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          Improve the production process, refused to workshop processing - Ming Shengxing process show -
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          24-hour printing hotline:0755-29972910 advisory

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          Shenzhen Ming Sheng Hing Paper Packing Co., Ltd

          Address: Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Xixiang Yintian Gonghe Industrial Road West A District two on the second floor

          Tel: 0755-29972910 29972911 29972912

          Fax: 0755-29972913

          Contact: Mr. Wei

          Mobile: 13510929003

          E-mail: msx@szmsx168.com

          QQ: 16070531

          Website: http://www.hotdealdepot.com